The Seabrook Residence

Any renovation project always brings a challenge in order to match the new build with the existing home. A log house renovation is even more challenging. This 2 storeys 4000 ft custom home with round edges and different log sizes made it a very interesting project.

Over the duration of 6 months, AMC built the concrete foundation wall for the new garage, all the interior wall framing and handled most of the wood exterior finishes.

To comply with the new structural requirements in 2017, we had to install a numerous amount of long beams throughout the house.

This project was a great collaboration with Durfëld Constructors.


BUILT FOR  Durfëld Constructors

STYLE  A mix of modern interior finishes and classic log home exterior finishes.

“All Mountain Contracting is: hard working, schedule-orientated, versatile and their attention to detail results in a top quality product while meeting some of the most rigorous energy standards in the world.”

- Matheo Durfëld