Rope Runner

Rope Runner was a very challenging project for All Mountain. Our scope of work was to build and organize the excavation, build the complex 7 concrete columns and pads, supported on screw piles and 12 connecting concrete grade beams. Installing the numerous large reinforcing steel cages in such an intricate manner, which required a crane, made this construction project very challenging.

This prefabricated structure didn't allow for much play during installation, so we had to be very accurate with the column’s location. We also had to ensure that the exposed concrete column finishes looked great. Due to extremely hot weather (38C), we had to water the foundations after the pour and over night to keep it from drying to fast.

We also built the bottom wood platform in collaboration with Kristall Turm (playground structure provider).


BUILT FOR  Kristall Turm (playground structure provider),

STYLE  Commercial Playground

Our timelines were extremely tight and I needed a reliable contractor that I knew that could deliver in time at a reasonable price. All Mountain delivered high quality work, and beyond, to ensure completion within deadlines. Despite the timeline pressure and the really hot weather, they were easy to work with in terms of communication, had an efficient work site management and worry free quality control. We are really proud of their work. You can expect quality and reliability all along your different project phases.

- Jean-Philippe Tondreau, Project Manager & Co-Owner at Rope Runner Aerial Park