Ravens Wood

Modern contemporary subdivision in Squamish, BC.

A blend of modern and contemporary architectural styles bring a unique profile of roof elevations to the nine different home designs available. We are proud to have helped make this three year project encompassing over 40 houses become a reality in Squamish.

The task consisted of framing two houses per month, so the developer could stay on schedule. Homes varied in square footage between 2000 and 2500, with a multitude of elevations.

LOCATION  Squamish, BC

BUILT FOR  Benchmark Development

STYLE  Contemporary and modern

“All Mountain Contracting have elevated the quality of framing greatly. Homes are being completed on time and to standards. If there are any issues, they are quick to rectify even if it’s not in their scope of work. Their work is top notch and I highly recommend them.”

- Matt, Benchmark Development