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You have the vision, we have the skills to make it happen.

We are contractors who care. Whether it’s a small home renovation or a multi-unit development project, we understand that honesty and trust are key. Our clients leave feeling satisfied, heard and respected, enjoying a better quality home that lasts.

“Great work and very reliable. A professional company, I recommend them highly.”


Going one step further…

From quote to completion, we take the time to ensure our clients are involved in the entire process. To make this easy, we use construction project management software to coordinate everything like communicating with subcontractors, tracking changes and managing budgets. By giving our clients an inside look into the way we work, we provide full transparency – and therefore earn your trust.


Meet the All Mountain Contracting Team

Ugo Ugo

“I decided to take a break from my analytical chemistry career to learn carpentry and never went back.”

Ugo Jean


What I do on a daily basis: My role is to make sure that everybody gets what they need to get the job done. I also still put the belt on and work with my guys when needed. I communicate with new clients to organize and plan their projects, ensuring they are happy both during the process and after.

Why I do what I do: I am driven by new challenges and new projects. Routine is not for me. This is why I quit the pharmaceutical industry after years of research. Creating this company has been a continuous challenge that keeps me on my toes and hungry for more. Just like in my life, I want to try everything and I thrive to perform in everything I do.

My qualifications: Red Seal Certified Carpenter. Analytical Chemistry Degree.

Where you can find me when not at work: Snowmobiling, snowboarding, playing hockey, biking, golfing, surfing, out with friends or convincing Troy to bring me to Alaska with him.

My ultimate food bribe: La Fondue Chinoise (aka Chinese fondue). A wonderful French Canadian meal that you enjoy with your friends. Troy

“For me a career in construction is a blend of being able to be creative and hardworking while also being rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment at the completion of a project.”

Troy Lawrence


What I do on a daily basis: I can be found as the hands-on Project Manager for our commercial renovations including retail, offices, restaurants and bars. I also head up residential renovations including decks and docks as needed.

Why I do what I do: Working and living in Whistler is a dream come true. Being active and taking advantage of everything from the lakes in the summer and the endless snow covered mountains in the winter. I want others to experience the dream.

My qualifications: Twenty years in construction.

Where you can find me when not at work: Snowboarding, Skateboarding, at the gym, or BMX Racing. I love living in Canada and the Sea to Sky Corridor gives me the best of both summer and winter for outdoor activities.

Fun fact: Ugo and I have been planning a snowboard trip to Alaska for years but if he doesn’t start training soon to keep up I might have to take my girlfriend instead. Shane

“I’m inspired by fine craftsmanship, being a part of a final product that I am proud of, that I can show off to my kids.”



What I do on a daily basis: I organize the day to day tasks of the crew, make sure we have the materials needed and keep the job going smoothly.

My qualifications: Fourteen years carpentry experience in residential homes and small buildings, (BCIT, BC Building Code Part 9, ). I have built everything from art installations in Vancouver to a Starbucks in Revelstoke.

Where you can find me when not at work: For fun I like to camp, dirt bike and hike with my family, I love exploring the beautiful forests of Squamish and finding new places I haven’t been, I would love to travel more. If I were to change my job I would be a professional traveler.

My ultimate food bribe: I love a good summer BBQ.

“Some things that inspire me are my parents, the team I work with and Batman.”



What I do on a daily basis:As a crew leader and project manager my role can vary a lot day to day.  Working primarily on multi-family developments, I’m often organizing and training staff to be as efficient as possible to ensure we meet firm deadlines.  If I’m not on site with crew I’m likely behind the computer working on quoting the next project.

My qualifications:Though I don’t have any formal training, I’ve been immersed in residential construction for 17 years now.  10 of those years have been in a leadership role supervising and training new staff.

Where you can find me when not at work: If I’m not outside biking, hiking, or on the water, I’m likely in my home shop building a new piece of furniture I don’t need.Why I do what I do: I’ve enjoyed carpentry from a very young age as my Dad was always renovating my childhood home it seemed. Of course I was his helper.  He taught me a lot of what I know, and more so, how to learn. There is always something we don’t know, and in this job with ever changing and new challenging projects, it really is a constant opportunity to learn and improve.  It’s also provided me a chance to teach others which I find very rewarding. My ultimate food bribe: I love a perfectly cooked piece of halibut. And tacos.

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“This team is the best. When a group of people come together because they like something believe in something support something or want to create positive change I am inspired and want to be part of something great as well.”